Family and Tradition

Around 1950, this “Monte” was built after the marriage of Delmira Marques D’Almeida and Aníbal da Silva Freitas on land inherited from the Freitas family. First the house was built, then the cellar.

I always saw my father dedicate himself to the vineyard and the wine production, which he proudly shared with friends. Today, we, daughter-in-law and grandson, share the same passion.

My mother took excellent care of the family home, our clothes, some of which she sewed herself, and our food, she was a full cook!

Wine: All the wine production was sold in bulk and in 1990 the brand “Fernão Pó” was registered, the first in the region with its own brand. Later, the first bottling and commercial development of the brand took place.

After the death of Aníbal da Silva Freitas, we continued the business and launched another brand “ASF”, the initials of his name in homage to the work and dedication of a lifetime, our brand of “emotions”, as we call it.

In 2015, the wine tourism project was born, in which we share our history, our family work and the knowledge that has been passed down to us and that we have perfected to this day.

After the death of Delmira (the mother), we launched a new project: “Delmira Vineyard House”, an accommodation born from the desire to share the “family home” where we live and grew up – a place that we consider special and that we love very much!

We have kept almost all of Delmira’s furniture, objects and utensils to show the customs and habits of a typical rural family and to make guests feel truly at home.

– Isabel Palhoça

The Accommodation

It has 4 rooms with individual decoration, whose name and colour are based on the wine labels of Fernão Pó. The common areas are a living room with a fireplace, a dining room and a kitchen where the decorative elements are harmoniously composed of pieces and portraits that have belonged to the family for decades.

The Involvement

Outside, there is a swimming pool and a spacious veranda for reading, playing board games with family/friends or simply enjoying the peace and quiet, the birdsong and the green landscape.

The Rooms

Wine Tourism