Delmira Vineyard House is a project born out of a passion for nature, a connection with the land and a taste for growing grapes. It is the project of a family dedicated to wine. It respects the cycles of nature and the vineyard.

Here you can enjoy ‘the best of both worlds’. Situated on a plain in the Palmela region and near the mouth of the river Sado, here you will slow down your pace and feel at home while enjoying the dynamics of working on a vineyard.

Experience the rhythm of country life and have good experiences.

Located 60 km from Lisbon, Delmira Vineyard House is in Fernando Pó, in the municipality of Palmela. With a swimming pool overlooking the olive grove and vineyard, you can enjoy beautiful moments of leisure until sunset. Let the fleeting aromas of the vineyard and olive grove envelop you as you walk to your room.

The Journey
on Delmira

Overlooking the olive grove, the vineyard and the Fernão Pó winery, the accommodation is in a privileged location that combines city life with country life. In the comfortable rooms you can entertain yourself, take a look at the landscape or simply read a book in peace.


Delmira Vineyard House is an accommodation consisting of a large outdoor parking area, four bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, a large terrace and a swimming pool with fantastic views of the olive trees and vineyards.


Come and taste the true tradition of Fernando Pó wines, with wine tastings and workshops. Experience a day with the winemaker at the harvest or come and add a special touch to your events, meetings or gatherings in our excellent spaces in the winery.

The wine as pure as it can be

Authentic Wines

Adega de Fernão Pó is a family business owned by Fernando Pó, the result of the merger of the Freitas & Palhoça families, who have been associated with viticulture and wine production for generations.

Since its foundation by Aníbal Silva Freitas in the 1950s, the winery has been linked to the region’s winemaking tradition. At that time, Fernando Pó was a place of pilgrimage for families from all over the country who went there to find the best wines to stock up for the whole year.